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IMPEX SKU # 12494


Fuel Injector Puller

Fuel Injector Puller

( Compatible with OEM part number: US1123/4 / US1123/4 )

List Price: $63.00 :: Impex Price: $19.99

Availability: In Stock

Note: This part is non-returnable.

Fuel Injector Puller—Fuel Injector Puller

1989VolkswagenGolf 1.8L GL
1990VolkswagenGolf 1.8L GL
1991VolkswagenGolf 1.8L GL
1992VolkswagenGolf 1.8L GL
1985VolkswagenGolf 2.0L GTI 8V
1986VolkswagenGolf 2.0L GTI 8V
1987VolkswagenGolf 2.0L GTI 8V
1988VolkswagenGolf 2.0L GTI 8V
1989VolkswagenGolf 2.0L GTI 8V
1990VolkswagenGolf 2.0L GTI 8V
1991VolkswagenGolf 2.0L GTI 8V
1992VolkswagenGolf 2.0L GTI 8V
1987VolkswagenGolf 2.0L GTI 16V
1988VolkswagenGolf 2.0L GTI 16V
1989VolkswagenGolf 2.0L GTI 16V
1990VolkswagenGolf 2.0L GTI 16V
1991VolkswagenGolf 2.0L GTI 16V
1992VolkswagenGolf 2.0L GTI 16V
1984VolkswagenJetta 1.7L GLI
1985VolkswagenJetta 1.7L GLI
1986VolkswagenJetta 1.7L GLI
1987VolkswagenJetta 1.7L GLI
1988VolkswagenJetta 1.7L GLI
1985VolkswagenJetta 1.8L Carat
1986VolkswagenJetta 1.8L Carat
1987VolkswagenJetta 1.8L Carat
1988VolkswagenJetta 1.8L Carat
1989VolkswagenJetta 1.8L Carat
1990VolkswagenJetta 1.8L Carat
1991VolkswagenJetta 1.8L Carat
1992VolkswagenJetta 1.8L Carat
1985VolkswagenJetta 1.8L GL
1986VolkswagenJetta 1.8L GL
1987VolkswagenJetta 1.8L GL
1988VolkswagenJetta 1.8L GL
1989VolkswagenJetta 1.8L GL
1990VolkswagenJetta 1.8L GL
1991VolkswagenJetta 1.8L GL
1992VolkswagenJetta 1.8L GL
1987VolkswagenJetta 1.8L GLI 16 Valve
1988VolkswagenJetta 1.8L GLI 16 Valve
1989VolkswagenJetta 1.8L GLI 16 Valve
1990VolkswagenJetta 1.8L GLI 16 Valve
1991VolkswagenJetta 1.8L GLI 16 Valve
1992VolkswagenJetta 1.8L GLI 16 Valve
1990VolkswagenPassat 2.0L GL 9A
1991VolkswagenPassat 2.0L GL 9A
1992VolkswagenPassat 2.0L GL 9A
1982VolkswagenQuantum 1.7L 4 CYL
1983VolkswagenQuantum 1.7L 4 CYL
1984VolkswagenQuantum 1.7L 4 CYL
1985VolkswagenQuantum 1.7L 4 CYL
1983VolkswagenQuantum 2.2L 5 CYL
1984VolkswagenQuantum 2.2L 5 CYL
1985VolkswagenQuantum 2.2L 5 CYL
1986VolkswagenQuantum 2.2L 5 CYL
1987VolkswagenQuantum 2.2L 5 CYL
1988VolkswagenQuantum 2.2L 5 CYL
1975VolkswagenRabbit 1.5L
1976VolkswagenRabbit 1.5L
1977VolkswagenRabbit 1.5L
1978VolkswagenRabbit 1.5L
1979VolkswagenRabbit 1.5L
1980VolkswagenRabbit 1.5L
1981VolkswagenRabbit 1.5L
1982VolkswagenRabbit 1.5L
1983VolkswagenRabbit 1.5L
1984VolkswagenRabbit 1.5L
1979VolkswagenRabbit 1.6L Convertible
1980VolkswagenRabbit 1.6L Convertible
1981VolkswagenRabbit 1.6L Convertible
1982VolkswagenRabbit 1.6L Convertible
1983VolkswagenRabbit 1.6L Convertible
1984VolkswagenRabbit 1.6L Convertible
1985VolkswagenRabbit 1.6L Convertible
1986VolkswagenRabbit 1.6L Convertible
1987VolkswagenRabbit 1.6L Convertible
1983VolkswagenRabbit 1.8L GTI
1984VolkswagenRabbit 1.8L GTI
1988VolkswagenRabbit Cabriolet
1989VolkswagenRabbit Cabriolet
1990VolkswagenRabbit Cabriolet
1991VolkswagenRabbit Cabriolet
1992VolkswagenRabbit Cabriolet
1975VolkswagenScirocco 1.5L
1976VolkswagenScirocco 1.5L
1977VolkswagenScirocco 1.5L
1978VolkswagenScirocco 1.5L
1979VolkswagenScirocco 1.5L
1980VolkswagenScirocco 1.5L
1981VolkswagenScirocco 1.5L
1982VolkswagenScirocco 1.5L
1983VolkswagenScirocco 1.5L
1984VolkswagenScirocco 1.5L
1985VolkswagenScirocco 1.5L
1986VolkswagenScirocco 1.5L
1987VolkswagenScirocco 1.5L
1988VolkswagenScirocco 1.5L
1986VolkswagenScirocco 1.8L 16V
1987VolkswagenScirocco 1.8L 16V
1988VolkswagenScirocco 1.8L 16V

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