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IMPEX SKU # 44445



( OEM part number: 06A-105-243-E / 06A105243E )

List Price: $302.50 :: Impex Price: $258.50

Availability: Typically ships in 1-3 days

Note: This part is non-returnable.


2003AudiA4 1.8L Cabrio/Quattro AMB
2004AudiA4 1.8L Cabrio/Quattro AMB
2005AudiA4 1.8L Cabrio/Quattro AMB
2006AudiA4 1.8L Cabrio/Quattro AMB
2002AudiA4 1.8T Quattro Turbo AMB
2003AudiA4 1.8T Quattro Turbo AMB
2004AudiA4 1.8T Quattro Turbo AMB
2005AudiA4 1.8T Quattro Turbo AMB
2002AudiA4 1.8T Turbo 4CYL 20V AMB
2003AudiA4 1.8T Turbo 4CYL 20V AMB
2004AudiA4 1.8T Turbo 4CYL 20V AMB
2005AudiA4 1.8T Turbo 4CYL 20V AMB
2002VolkswagenBeetle 1.8L, Turbo S AWP
2003VolkswagenBeetle 1.8L, Turbo S AWP
2004VolkswagenBeetle 1.8L, Turbo S AWP
1999VolkswagenBeetle 1.8L, Turbo, Hatchback APH
2000VolkswagenBeetle 1.8L, Turbo, Hatchback APH
1998VolkswagenBeetle 2.0L, Hatchback AEG
1999VolkswagenBeetle 2.0L, Hatchback AEG
2000VolkswagenBeetle 2.0L, Hatchback AEG
2001VolkswagenBeetle 2.0L, Hatchback AEG
2001VolkswagenBeetle 2.0L, Hatchback AVH
2002VolkswagenBeetle 2.0L, Hatchback AVH
2003VolkswagenBeetle 2.0L, Hatchback AVH
2000VolkswagenGolf 1.8T AWD
2001VolkswagenGolf 1.8T AWD
2002VolkswagenGolf 1.8T GTI AWP
2003VolkswagenGolf 1.8T GTI AWP
2004VolkswagenGolf 1.8T GTI AWP
2005VolkswagenGolf 1.8T GTI AWP
2006VolkswagenGolf 1.8T GTI AWP
2000VolkswagenGolf 2.0L GL AEG
2001VolkswagenGolf 2.0L GL AEG
1999VolkswagenGolf 2.0L GTI AEG
2000VolkswagenGolf 2.0L GTI AEG
2001VolkswagenGolf 2.0L GTI AEG
2002VolkswagenGolf Cabrio IV 4 CYL AZG,AVH
2003VolkswagenGolf Cabrio IV 4 CYL AZG,AVH
2004VolkswagenGolf Cabrio IV 4 CYL AZG,AVH
2005VolkswagenGolf Cabrio IV 4 CYL AZG,AVH
2006VolkswagenGolf Cabrio IV 4 CYL AZG,AVH
2003VolkswagenJetta 1.8T GL AWP
2005VolkswagenJetta 1.8T GLI Sedan AWP
2002VolkswagenJetta 1.8T GLS Sedan AWP
2003VolkswagenJetta 1.8T GLS Sedan AWP
2004VolkswagenJetta 1.8T GLS Sedan AWP
2005VolkswagenJetta 1.8T GLS Sedan AWP
2002VolkswagenJetta 1.8T GLS Wagon AWP
2003VolkswagenJetta 1.8T GLS Wagon AWP
2004VolkswagenJetta 1.8T GLS Wagon AWP
2013VolkswagenJetta 2.0L CBPA
1999VolkswagenJetta 2.0L GL AEG
2000VolkswagenJetta 2.0L GL AEG
2002VolkswagenJetta 2.0L GL Sedan BBW
2003VolkswagenJetta 2.0L GL Sedan BBW
2004VolkswagenJetta 2.0L GL Sedan BBW
2005VolkswagenJetta 2.0L GL Sedan BBW
1999VolkswagenJetta 2.0L GLS AEG
2000VolkswagenJetta 2.0L GLS AEG
2001VolkswagenJetta 2.0L GLS AEG
2001AudiTT Coupe/Roadste AWP
2002AudiTT Coupe/Roadste AWP
2003AudiTT Coupe/Roadste AWP
2004AudiTT Coupe/Roadste AWP
2005AudiTT Coupe/Roadste AWP

Prices, part numbers and availability subject to change without notice.