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IMPEX SKU # 852692



Jetta 2005.5+
ALSO USE 1- 1K0941431GREH

( OEM part number: 1KM-052-250-U / 1KM052250U )

List Price: $370.00 :: Impex Price: $395.90

Availability: Typically ships in 1-3 days

Note: This part is non-returnable.

Documents Associated With This Part
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FOG LIGHT KIT—Jetta 2005.5+
ALSO USE 1- 1K0941431GREH

2006VolkswagenJetta 1.9L TDI Diesel Sedan BRM
2007VolkswagenJetta 1.9L TDI Diesel Sedan BRM
2005VolkswagenJetta 1.9L TDI Diesel Wagon BRM- A5
2009VolkswagenJetta 2.0L CBFA
2010VolkswagenJetta 2.0L CJAA
2009VolkswagenJetta 2.0L Sport Wagon TDI CBEA
2006VolkswagenJetta 2.0L Turbo BPY
2007VolkswagenJetta 2.0L Turbo BPY
2009VolkswagenJetta 2.0LTDI CBEA
2009VolkswagenJetta 2.5L CBTA
2009VolkswagenJetta 2.5L CBUA
2010VolkswagenJetta 2.5L CBUA
2011VolkswagenJetta 2.5L CBUA
2006VolkswagenJetta 2.5L Sedan BGQ
2007VolkswagenJetta 2.5L Sedan BGQ
2006VolkswagenJetta 2.5L Sedan BGP
2007VolkswagenJetta 2.5L Sedan BGP

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