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IMPEX SKU # 3600672


4x100 Wheel & Hubcentric Spacer 20mm Pair

Stance isn’t just a style, it’s a cornering fundamental. Nearly a century of motorsports has taught drivers and engineers alike that a wider stance is a faster stance. On the streets, enthusiasts have pushed the limits of wheel fitment, creating some of the lowest & widest grocery-getters imaginable. Behind the wheels, precision wheel spacers provide the extension needed to achieve the look and improve performance. Whether you’re fine tuning the perfect stance or trying to shave a 10th off the corners, our wheel spacers are ready for action.

Each wheel spacer starts as a slug of 6061 aluminum cut from an enormous bar. CNC machines takeover, machining the rough slug into a precision spacer sized to accurately extend the hub. Unique machining techniques allow us to maintain absolute concentricity. Lug bolt holes are drilled and machined to size, eliminating installation issues. All sides of our wheel spacers are machined to tolerance and every edge is chamfered. After machining, a dedicated testing station is the last stop for each spacer before heading to inventory.

Judging by the natural shine of our wheel spacers, you could say we take the machining process a bit too seriously. We would disagree. From scratch, our wheel spacers were designed to be as light as structurally possible – a design feature our machines are glad to provide. Based on the size and location of the pads of the wheel, we designed and machined pockets that remove unnecessary material from the negative space. This feature significantly lightens each spacer reducing rotating mass. 5mm spacers are 17% lighter, while 25mm spacers are 31% lighter than the same spacer without the pockets. Definitively worthwhile.

At this time, our wheel spacers are available in 3 VW/Audi bolt patterns and 8 thicknesses. Defined by the bolt pattern, each spacer has been machined to properly fit the vehicle and wheel. 5-10mm spacers are flat with hubcentric fitment. 13mm-25mm spacers feature a wheelcentric hub extension that provides wheel and hubcentric fitment. Spacers are sold in pairs. Extended lug bolts are available separately. Before ordering,

( Compatible with OEM part number: 42-820-020 / 42820020 )

List Price: $99.00 :: Impex Price: $85.00

Availability: Typically ships in 1-3 days

Note: This part is non-returnable.

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